Keeping things up

It is important for an apartment complex to provide a certain feel and maintenance in order to provide the kind of place that tenants want to lead. It all starts with the establishment of the types of amenities that people are looking for. Ideally you can satisfy most if not all of the things that people want. Many people are looking for a pool so that they can cool off the summer. Our people are looking for modern apartments. Other people are looking for proximity to work, proximity to school, proximity to hospital and other locations. It is all part of a variety of things that the operators of the apartment complex must keep up. It takes a dedication to keep more in all of the amenities that are provided for the tenants and that means keeping up-to-date with such things as state-of-the-art washing machine, laundry facility, modern appliances, modern energy efficient sources of lighting and appliances, and more.

In order to do that and have a durable yet reliable source of usage, it takes a certain way of focus on those amenities that deliver the most for the client and the apartment complex itself. There is a tremendous amount of maintenance that has to go into itself these modern types of elements have to be serviceable and attainable. There is nothing worse than an exotic appliance that has to have parts ordered which will take weeks to arrive. That does the tenant no good so all of these things must be modern but still have enough of the presence in the market that should they need work, they can actually be worked on.

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Community is Important to Apartments

Apartment complexes are not an island of existence. In order for an apartment complex to be the kind of place for people want to live it has to have several elements of convenience, amenities and community. In order for it to be successful at having a sense of community in everything that that apartment, it’s about is a delicate mixture. Indeed, having all those things which compose a great place to live includes some of the obvious things such as great amenities, great upkeep and great relationships with your tenants. Community is a big part of it and at the end of the day it has to be a spirit that is conducted everything that is going on at the apartment complex.

From the dedication that the staff shows towards having and maintaining the amenities, to the relationships that the bill in helping tenants with their issues and communications, to having actual planned events for tenants to enjoy, these are some of the things which actually create an air of community and the perception of the tenants that this is a place where they would like to continue living as well as tell other people that they should live in their great community. When such a complex is close to employers, recreation and other locations which are part of life it is a winning formula. That is exactly the kind apartment complex that Avante Apartments strives to be. They have built some of on their location, quality Apartments, their quality staff and their dedication to the community at the apartments.

A Great Place to Live

The best apartments boast beautiful new full kitchens, each of which is equipped with a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. This is a reality with a newly renovated complex that has people raving. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails right nearby, as well as the Riverbend Golf Course.

This complex is located on the transportation corridor between Seattle and Tacoma, with easy access to some of the region's major employers, including the Boeing Company and Mikron Industries. It is located just minutes from Kent Station and a Park and Ride, and in close proximity to Interstate 5, Highway 167, and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The complex has a wide range of attractive amenities to offer apartment hunters who come looking at the Kent, Washington complex, wondering if they might like to live there. What they find is luxury living at an affordable price. Each of its 382 modern units has been completely remodeled on the inside. Units have a patio or balcony, ceiling fans, and are easily accessible to people with disabilities. The complex itself is located on 17.6 lush and beautiful acres that have a soccer field, two basketball courts, and three sparkling swimming pools.

The Avante Apartments provide tenants with plenty of other amenities, including a club house, a billiards room, and a business center. There is ample closet space with mirrored doors throughout each unit. And for those who are looking for great shopping, it is located near the South Center Mall and the Super Mall. In addition, high speed Internet access is available.

Avante Apartments - How to Get Financed

Good apartment companies provide on-site management to its properties and brings additional renovations and upgrades to unit interiors including new paint jobs, the installation of washers and dryers in individual units, and clubhouse improvements that include business centers and business centers. This kind of deal costs excess amounts of money. One option owners have though is to be financed by GE Real Estate, an affiliate of General Electric, which has financed many companies purchases in excess of more than 150 million dollars. An example of this is when the Longwell Company bought an apartment complex from San Francisco-based Bascom Centrestone Kent LLC. Just before the sale Bascom completed work on a comprehensive upgrade of the entire complex, including its amenities, grounds, and units. The transaction between Longwell and Bascom translates to about one hundred thousand dollars per unit.

Those new complexes are located in Kent, Washington, part of the metropolitan Seattle area. These not only improve the tenant accommodations, they also enhance the environmental footprint of a complex.
The Longwell Company has owned many complexes since 2008. The apartment complex is one of five that the company owns in the greater Seattle area. They own two more in Dallas.

The Longwell Company purchased Avante Apartments in 2008 for 38.38 million dollars. The usual strategy for Longwell is to buy and improve a complex, and after managing it for anywhere from three to five years, then sell it at a significant profit. They also focus on making so-called "green" technology improvements, such as additional insulation and low-flush toilets. None of this could have been possible without help from GE real estate.

Avante Apartments - Multifamily Apartments

Avante Apartments are owned and operated by The Longwell Company, a Bellevue, Washington-based real estate firm that is privately owned, and which specializes in buying, developing, and disposing of just such properties.

Founded in 1992 by Stanley Xu and Nanling Chen, The Longwell Company has steadily pursued its vision of investing in multifamily apartments. Avante Apartments are a classic example of the company's strategy, being in a working class area that is located near major employers, such as the Boeing Company, Sysco Foods, and the Oberto Sausage Company. The apartments are ideally located long the transportation corridor between Seattle and Tacoma.

"We are long-term investors and currently have properties in our portfolio that we have owned for as long as seven years," says Stanley Xu, who is serving as the company's President and Chief Executive Officer. "The average ownership period of our existing portfolio is over three years. Therefore we take a long-term viewpoint to our investments, relying less on what we see today and more on what we anticipate in the future." This, he continues, is a key part of the Longwell Company's investment philosophy that is a part of most purchase decisions.

The Longwell Company, says Stanley Xu, prides itself on the care with which it manages and maintains its properties. The Avante Apartments is situated on 17.6 acres of lush green land and provides its tenants with all the amenities of modern living, including three swimming pools, a club house, and a business center on the premises. Each of its 382 units has newly remodeled interiors, to keep them up to date and attractive to prospective tenants in a fiercely competitive renting market.

Avante Apartments - Being Neighborly

Avante Apartments are owned by The Longwell Company in nearby Bellevue, Washington. The company bought the complex in 2008. The Avante management understands that apartment hunters have many options before them, and so they work hard to remain competitive in a fierce marketplace.

They understand that when a potential tenant comes to look at the Avante Apartments, they are likely to be knowledgeable people who know the ins and outs of looking for a new place to live. One of the things that apartment hunters are advised to remember as they go through their apartment priorities is to look for a place in a good neighborhood, and with good schools if they have kids. The Avante, in Kent, Washington, gets high marks in both those categories.

Apartment hunters are also advised to look at more than just the apartment they are considering, to take in where it is within the complex. They should see who they are likely to end up with as neighbors, and also to be a considerate neighbor themselves, once they have signed their lease and moved in.

Most tenants understand that a strong network of neighbors works to the benefit of everyone. It is always good policy to be on friendly terms with those who live around you, but it also adds more security to your property and the property of your neighbors, who can keep an eye on things when the others are out for the day. Apartment hunters, as they are settling into a new place, should make a point to introduce themselves to the other tenants living next door, upstairs, and/or downstairs.

Avante Apartments - Well Trained Staff

Avante Apartments in Kent, Washington are nestled into 17.6 acres of delightful park-like land that includes a soccer field, two basketball courts, three swimming pools, and many other amenities.

The garden-style property is owned and operated by The Longwell Company in Bellevue, which purchased the complex in 2008 and has since extensively renovated each of its 382 units. The day to day operations of the Avante Apartments are left to its property managers, who pride themselves on outstanding tenant-management relations, and view them as being the key to a successful business enterprise.

A key to the management style at the Avante Apartments is good communication. They understand that poor communications are among the most frequently cited issues in surveys of property management, and so have always gone to great lengths to ensure good communication with tenants. The properties themselves have always received great attention to detail. The unique features of the Avante Apartments, such as its three sparkling swimming pools and the roomy apartment units themselves, are well tended to.

The Avante Apartment managers are well trained and committed to providing excellent customer service to its tenants, and to the would-be tenants who come to look at the premises. The management provides its staff with ongoing education opportunities and developmental programs, to keep them on the cutting edge of the apartment management industry. This makes them able to deliver each tenant the highest level of service. They also understand that as in any human endeavor, there is the potential for misunderstanding and disagreement, and so they are committed to a high level of responsiveness to any tenant issues.